Items purchased from the Website (with the exception of gift cards) may be returned within 15 days after the date of their receipt by you. To take advantage of this return policy you must be either: 

  • Return the items in their original condition by mailing them back to Bindi within 15 days of the date of their receipt by you; or
  • Notify Bindi by (within 15 days of the date goods are received by you of your intent to return your item(s). In this case, items must be sent promptly and in their original condition to:

BINDI LLP 108 Vraj Garden, Shela Road, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380058 ATTN: ONLINE RETURN TEAM

Within 14 days of notifying Bindi of your intent to return items.

If you choose to take advantage of this return policy, Bindi will refund the cost of your order as per company policy once the items have been received in appropriate condition as per company policy. You may also return goods in accordance with any rights you may have as a consumer under applicable law.

You can obtain further information and assistance with respect to the return of goods by choosing Customer Service from the website menu.

If you decide to return only part of an order that has been purchased with a discount/offer applied, the amount refunded will be subject to the minimum purchase amount placed on the offer, the value of the discount will be adjusted accordingly, and only the amount relevant to the returned item will be refunded.

If the items returned bring the remaining total below the minimum purchase level of the offer, then the discounted amount will be deducted from the refund amount. For example, a 10% discount (with a minimum purchase amount of INR 5,000) will be deducted from the refund amount if the returned product(s) brings the total order value below INR 5,000. In case of a promotion with staggered prices, always the lowest amount will be refunded.

For items which come in a single box (“normal set”), if you wish to return any of the items within the normal set, you will have to return all the items that were part of the normal set. Bindi will not accept returns of individual items within the normal set and will only accept returns of the entire normal set.

For bundle-promotional sets, where you enjoy a promotion or discount as a result of purchasing one or more items (e.g. buy 3 items and get 10% off each item or where savings for each product are stated), you can return any of the items purchased separately. However, in case you choose to return any items purchased as a bundled set, kindly note that Bindi will adjust the promotional price by charging you the regular price for the remaining items that you purchased as part of the bundle. Accordingly, Bindi will deduct from the amount to be refunded to you (i.e. the discounted price paid for the item(s) in the bundle that you have returned) the difference between the regular price and the discounted price of the remaining items in the bundle that you do not return.

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