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Collection 'AMEND'



Maxi dress consisting of a halter neckline, ruching on the side with a slit on the princess line. It has an all-over print with mnutely embroidered motifs.

The ideation behind this collection was to create chic and comfortable maxi gowns for women. As the collection’s name is ‘AMEND’, i.e. to change or modify, we’ve tried to present our take on a few Japanese patterns with florals. It is an effort to give a contem- prory look to the authenticities of Japan. During an intensive research process, we found interesting Japanese patterns, ‘wagara pattern’ that represents serenity, good luck, and so forth. Every design in Japanese customs represents an adjective. So the collection is a tribute to the Japanese originals, depicted in the prints. All the prints are digitally done and furthermore to enhance them, consider minimal embroidered motifs.

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